Why choose Pit Air 
Here at Pit Air, we focus on putting realism into everything we do, though, we are a virtual airline. We like to use "realism with a virtual twist" when explaining our airline. Let's give you an example. You want to fly a long/medium-haul aircraft on a short-haul route, Oslo-Copenhagen for example. Airline 1 and Airline 2 flies 737s and A321s on that route, but you wan to fly the 757 or A350. Flying Airline 3s757 would be unrealistic, and flying airline 4 also wouldn't match.  With Pit Air, you can lift off in the 757 to almost any destination our route network offers. Pit Air has more short-haul destinations with the 78/77 and A350 than any other airline*. What are you waiting for?  
* By VirtualAirlineroutes 2020
We operate to over 60 destinations worldwide, giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to see the world, every day. 
Scheduling system
 Our pilots also operate a schedule which suits them well, which in turn makes them happier which makes our flights safer.
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