When will Pit Air's enter to MFS 2020 be?
Quick answer:
Right away but more restricted 

Pit Air does not operate any aircraft that does exist in the MFS2020 package


We are only familiar with the arrival of the PMDG 737 which will be released in Q1 2021.

Since we operate the 787-9, 747-400 and A320 CEO, flying the 787-10, 747-8 and the A320 NEO will be approved, as long as listed aircraft on flight plans and bookings are the once mentioned first above
How do you plan to enter?
We plan to enter MFS2020 with compatible liveries and sceneries giving our pilots the ultimate experience
Can I fly for Pit Air in MFS 2020?
Pilots apply the same way as before on flypitair.com/join
I need a Pit Air livery, how can I get one?
All pilots have access to the liveries
You can get a livery by joining the airline
The liveries will be ready once we get a paint kit from Microsoft