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We are Pit Air, a virtual airline founded on April 13th, 2019. Here at Pit Air, we focus on putting realism into everything we do, though, we are a virtual airline. We operate to over 60 destinations worldwide, giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to see the world, every day. We are the fastest growing virtual airline in Europe. Our pilots also operate a schedule which suits them well, which in turn makes them happier which makes our flights safer. 


Our core values 


  • We care about the community, that is because Pit Air is not only an airline to work at or fly with, it is a meeting place and a major social arena, it does not matter whether you work here or if you`re just flying with us, you`re a part of Pit Air family. Friends matter, family matters, and a social arena matters, you can be looking for either one of those here, but you will find one anyways. 


  • Safety, safety for both our crew and passengers lies within our DNA, operating safely, which includes training of crew, having good maintenance, and everything else in between is paramount for the smooth and safe running of our virtual airline. 


Our fleet


  • We operate 26 aircraft spread through a safe and reliable fleet of aircraft types. 

  • Here is a list of our aircraft: 

  • Boeing 737-800

  • Boeing 787-9

  • Boeing 777-300ER

  • Boeing 747-400 

  • Airbus A319/A320/A321

  • McDonnell Douglas MD82

  • Embraer 175

  • Saab 340. 

  • A350-900


  • There is also more to come in our forever expanding fleet, we will soon be introducing two new jet aircraft to our fleet, both of them being a breakthrough in short- and long haul travel, the Airbus A350, the worlds most efficient long haul airliner, and the whisper jet, the Airbus A220. 


  • The A350: With the brand new A350 comes brand new experiences and memories, the A350 is the world’s most efficient long haul airliner, it flies with less fuel than the previous aircraft, but more for the passengers. The fuselage of the A350 is wider than many other jets, giving it more space inside, the A350 also has more oxygen inside it than the previous aircraft, making it much more comfortable. Coming soon to your favorite destinations such as Hawaii is the A350. 

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