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Welcome to Pit Air Virtual

Welcome to Pit Air Virtual!

We are Pit Air, a virtual airline founded on April 13th, 2019. At Pit Air, we focus on putting realism into everything we do, though, we are a virtual airline. We operate to over 60 destinations worldwide, giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to see the world, every day. We are one of the fastest-growing virtual airlines in Europe. Our pilots also operate a schedule which suits them well, which in turn makes them happier which makes our flights safer.
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What we offer:

Professional, realistic and informative rosters/schedules directly to your email and crew center

-Flexible and easy to change trips


-The schedule is customized from your preferences like flight times and aircrafts  

-Also possible to book flights yourself 

-Extended route network with flexible departure times to each destination
-Destinations ranging from Honolulu to London. The choice is yours
-Bases in Oslo and Stockholm 
-Ranking system:
The more hours you have the more you can decide (where to fly etc)
-Extreamly friendly community
-Realistic airline following real-world recomendations  and procedures
Let's fly together! Join today
Pit Air Virtual
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Pit Air Virtual 

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E: flypitair@gmail.com

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